The programme of activities for session 2017-18 is:-

2 September 2017         Script Basics:- Pointed Pen (Ted Gardner), Italics (Jim Bassett)
7 October 2017              Writing on Dark Backgrounds (Alan Kay)
26-29 October 2017        Hobbycrafts, SEC, Glasgow 
4 November 2017           Using Different Mediums (Iain Howie)
11 November 2017*        Arabic Calligraphy & Illumination Workshop (Jawdat Al Sabbagh)
2 December 2017           Introduction to Calligraphers (Evelyn Litster)
6 January 2018              Gothicised Italics (Ted Gardner)
3 February 2018            Colour Theory (Evelyn Litster)
3 March 2018                 Illustrating Work (Martin Hensey) CANCELLED
24 March 2018*              Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Workshop (Elaine Woo MacGregor)
7 April 2018                   Offhand Flourishing (Francesca Valbonesi)
21 April 2018                  Illustrating Work (Martin Hensey)        

12 May 2018                   Annual General Meeting
9 June 2018*                  Workshop - More details soon

Meetings are held 10am to 1pm in the Govan Mbeki building, Glasgow Caledonian University - please contact us for room details.  

Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings and workshops.  There is no obligation to join the group straight away - all that we ask for is a donation of £5 per person for each meeting attended.  *Full day workshops, paid for by participants, must be booked in advance

A materials list for each meeting and workshop is sent to members and visitors via the previous month's minutes, by email or on request.  If starting out in calligraphy collecting a basic "kit" may be useful:-

- Writing board (bought desktop or plywood/light wood board)
- Fountain, dip or cartridge pen(s) and nibs
- Inks/paints (calligraphy, watercolour, gouache)
- Pencil (HB or 3B)
- Eraser (putty or plastic)
- Ruler
- Paper - layout or photocopying (for practice), cartridge/watercolour 200 gsm and above (for final work)
- Craft knife or scissors
- Masking tape

If you don't have items our members and tutors will be pleased to share their resources