The draft programme of activities for session 2017-18 is:-

2 September 2017         Script Basics:- Pointed Pen (Ted Gardner), Italics (Jim Bassett)
7 October 2017              Writing on Dark Backgrounds (Alan Kay)
26-29 October 2017        HobbyCrafts, SECC, Glasgow 
4 November 2017           Using Different Mediums (Evelyn Litster)
November 2017*            Workshop
2 December 2017           Introduction to Calligraphers
6 January 2018              Gothicised Italics (Ted Gardner)
3 February 2018            Colour Theory (Evelyn Litster)
3 March 2018                 Illustrating Work (Martin Hensey)
March 2018*                  Workshop
7 April 2018                   Introduction to Heraldry           
12 May 2018                  Annual General Meeting
14-27 May 2018             Annual Exhibition

Meetings are held 10am to 1pm in the Govan Mbeki Building, Glasgow Caledonian University - please contact us for room details.  

Visitors are welcome to attend our events and workshops.  There is no obligation to join the group quickly - all that we ask for is a small donation of £5 for each meeting attended.  Full day workshops*, paid for by participants, must be booked in advance

A materials list for each meeting and workshop is sent to members and visitors via the previous month's minutes or by email.  If starting out in calligraphy collecting a basic "kit" may be useful:-

- Writing board (bought desktop or plywood/light wood board)
- Fountain, dip or cartridge pen(s) and nibs
- Inks/paints (calligraphy, watercolour, gouache)
- Pencil (HB or 3B)
- Eraser (putty or plastic)
- Ruler
- Paper - layout or photocopying (for practice), cartridge/watercolour 200gsm and above (for final work)
- Craft knife or scissors
- Masking tape

Not all items in the above list are used at every meeting so please contact us if you'd like to know what to bring with you.  If you don't have all items our members will be pleased to share theirs