Occasionally Glasgow Scribes members and visitors participate in a Group Project which is a great calligraphy and team exercise and also sometimes gives a boost to our funds via the sale of project results.  Some of our recent projects are shown on this page

We also have a monthly project - at each meeting a topic is chosen from a collection of member/visitor produced titles then work is submitted at the next meeting, in draft or final format.  Work is displayed on a wall for viewing, comments and questions, and general sharing ideas.  Examples of monthly project submissions are shown on the Gallery page

Session 2017-19 Book

In September 2017 everyone thought that producing a book of member/visitor calligraphy work would be an interesting group exercise, an excellent collection of calligraphy work based on a chosen topic, a book which could be displayed and stored in a museum or library and a special production and achievement.  At the moment the project is still in initial stages of development so watch this space!

Session 2016-17 Collage

On Saturday 8 April 2017 members and visitors took up the challenge of producing "Flourished Lettering" initials for a group collage which would be displayed at the October 2017 Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts event at the Glasgow SEC
Flourished Letters - Members/Visitors

Flourished Letters - Members/Visitors

Session 2015-16
Quotation Boxes

At the beginning of the 2015-16 session members enthusiastically produced quotation cards for our colouful Quotation boxes which were sold, at £3.50 each, to friends and family before Christmas and to visitors at the October 2015 Hobbycrafts event.

Glasgow Scribes Quotation Boxes

Session 2012-13 Cards

Past Chairperson, Lyn Hughes, started us on the challenge of producing alphabet letters for a Glasgow Scribes card which could be used by members, our Committee and family, friends and visitors. 

By December 2013 we had enough letter submissions for a set of 5 cards the layout of which was proposed by Barbara Potter, member and Treasurer. 

Each of the A5 cards was blank inside and had "Produced by Glasgow Scribes, and our website address "" on the back

Cards were sold in sets of 5 cards at £4.50 per set with the money going to our funds to help pay for room hire and future calligraphic activities

We'd like to thank current and past members who participated in the card project and have pleasure in showing their work on this page.  It's hoped that spare letters will be used for additional cards, a montage of members' work or that we might produce other ideas for cards