Monthly Project

Each month, between September and May, members produce items for display at the next meeting.  Everyone is invited to submit at least one item to suit a chosen theme and in final or "work in progress" format.  Some examples of the "Spring" project are shown below:-

I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud - Douglas McEwen

Daffodils - Douglas McEwen

Spring - Douglas McEwen

Spring - Sheila Robertson

Snowdrops - Sheila Robertson

Spring Pots - Evelyn Litster

Spring Flowers
Spring Border - John Anderson

Spring Comes With All Its Flowers - Dorothea Fair

The Spring is Sprung - 
Raymond O'Donnell

We All Love Daffodils 

Daffodils Bring the Spring

Thanks to Raymond O'Donnell for photographing the exhibits and to the calligraphers too!

Card Project

The following letters were produced by some of our members who participated in the production of the Glasgow Scribes card.  It's hoped that the letters can be used in further cards or some display work in the future