2018 Annual Exhibition - "Hobby Calligraphy"

This year's exhibition of members'/visitors' calligraphy will be held during 3 to 16 September 2018 in the Art Space of Cass Art, 63-67 Queen St, Glasgow, G1 3EN

Come along to see a great range of calligraphy writing, ideas and art mediums to show the enjoyable, engrossing and diverse hobby of "beautiful writing". Admission is free.  Opening hours are:-

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - 9am to 6pm
Thursday - 9am to 7pm
Sunday - 11am to 6pm

2017 Annual Exhibition - "The Creative Pen" 

Members of the Glasgow Scribes displayed their calligraphy work in the fabulous Art Space of Cass Art, 63-67 Queen St, Glasgow, G1 3EN between 8 and 28 May 2017

There was an excellent number of exhibits (42 items) displayed in an ideal and popular venue.  The Exhibition attracted a lot of interest in calligraphy with many positive visitor comments left.   We also gained a few visitors to Glasgow Scribes meetings too

We'd like to thank Cass Art, Glasgow for allowing us to exhibit our work in the store and for their continued enthusiastic support and help

Images of the 2017 exhibits are shown below - please note that image quality may be affected by exhibit cellophane protection and strong Art Space lighting.  Clicking on each item will reveal a larger picture of the calligraphy work

Life is a Journey - John Anderson

When I Was 5 Years Old - John Anderson

Balance of Truth - Jim Bassett

Children Pick Up Words - Jim Bassett

Flight Of A Sparrow - Jim Bassett

The Power of Words - Jim Bassett

Sleep After Toil - Jim Basstt

The Maid's Lover - Jim Bassett

Shakespeare's Anniversary - Jack Black

Doxology 807 - Jack Black

Art Depends - Jack Black

Jellyfish - Denise Chateau Loney

Seahorse - Denise Chateau Loney

Above All - Dorothea Fair

Divine Grace - Dorothea Fair

One Ship Drives East - Dorothea Fair

Prayer - Dorothea Fair
A Red, Red Rose - Alan Kay

Calligraphy - Alan Kay

Love Letters - Alan Kay

Still I Rise - Alan Kay

They Told Me - Alan Kay
(Sheriff Jim Murphy Award 2017)

War and Peace - Gerry Lawlor

The Member Tree - Evelyn Litster

Do You Know The Land - Joyce McGregor
Pi - Douglas McEwen

Art v Science - Douglas McEwen

Fruit - Douglas McEwen

Scottishness - Douglas McEwen

Kind Words - Mariam Mahmood

Beauty - Mariam Mahmood
To Be Yourself - Mariam Mahmood

War and Peace - Keith Miller

Calligraphy Is - Keith Miller

Benedictus Fructus Ventris Tui -  Raymond O'Donnell

In My Elements - Raymond O'Donnell

Pyots - Raymond O'Donnell

Glasgow Scribes - Sheila Robertson

Small Books - Sheila Robertson

Breathe - Margaret Sainte Claire

Love - Margaret Sainte Claire

Letter Collage - Arranged by Joyce McGregor

Raymond Bailey has produced a video of the above exhibits set to music - well worth a visit:-

2016 Roaming Exhibition  - North Lanarkshire Council

Annual Exhibition items went on tour around North Lanarkshire libraries over the summer period:-

20 June to 2 July 2016                Motherwell
7 to 19 July 2016                        Bellshill
25 July to 6 August 2016            Cumbernauld
15 to 27 August 2016                 Kilsyth

Members' exhibits were displayed centrally with details of calligraphy and the Glasgow Scribes and alongside some excellent calligraphy books for borrowing.  We hope that visitors enjoyed the display and that it will inspire them to try calligraphy or dig out their calligraphy pen sets!  The Glasgow Scribes would like to thank Chris Wilson and staff for allowing us visit the area and also for their help, interest and hard work before and during the event

2016 Annual Exhibition - "Art Of The Pen"

The group's Annual Exhibition was held in the Art Space of Cass Art, Glasgow from Monday 30 May to Sunday 19 June 2016.  Forty items were submitted for display in an excellent setting where store visitors could view our work within a friendly, spacious and well lit area

Images below have kindly been provided by Raymond O'Donnell, our "resident photographer".  Please note that, due to exhibition lighting and cellophane covers, some images may be lighter or will show reflections.  Clicking on an image will reveal a larger picture of the work

Blue Italics - Jim Bassett

Brown Italics - Jim Bassett

Fireworks - Jim Bassett
Sheriff Jim Murphy Award 2016

Rose Kissed Me - Jim Bassett

Sailboat - Jim Bassett

Christian Initials - Jack Black

Contrasts - Jack Black

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise - Jack Black

I Wish You - Jack Black

Lake Isle of Innisfree - Jack Black

Birds of Worry - Dorothea Fair

Crown Him - Dorothea Fair

Dependance - Dorothea Fair

Fall of A Leaf - Dorothea Fair

Happy Birthday - Dorothea Fair

I will - Dorothea Fair

Letter D - Dorothea Fair

Life - Dorothea Fair

Quiet Alone - Dorothea Fair

Serenity Prayer - Ted Gardner

Letter B - Iain Howie

Shakespeare's Sonnet - Iain Howie

Spring - Iain Howie

Happiness - Gerry Lawlor

Springtime - Gerry Lawlor

Happiness - Evelyn Litster

Sailing - Evelyn Litster

Circles - Douglas McEwen

Groucho Marx Triptych - Douglas McEwen

Healthy - Douglas McEwen

The Best Six Doctors - Douglas McEwen

Disturb Us Lord - Raymond O'Donnell

Fredome Is A Noble Thing - Raymond O'Donnell

Veni Vidi - Raymond O'Donnell

The Monastic Scribe - Harry Ramsay

Learn, Live, Hope - Sheila Robertson

Power - Sheila Robertson

Spring - Sheila Robertson

Winter Snow - Sheila Robertson

A Man's a Man - Alec Souter

If you'd prefer to view the exhibits in slideshow format Raymond has produced a video of exhibits with relaxing background music.  Please click on the following link:-

Glasgow Scribes 2016 Exhibits

2015 Roaming Exhibition - West Dunbartonshire Council

After a very successful Annual Exhibition at the Mitchell Library during 11-23 May 2015 exhibits toured West Dunbartonshire libraries as follows:-

8 - 20 June 2015                      Dalmuir                   
23 June - 4 July 2015               Clydebank
7 - 18 July 2015                       Dumbarton
21 July - 1 August 2015           Alexandria

Members would like to thank West Dunbartonshire Council and, in particular, staff members Trish Robins and Moira Murray, for allowing the group to exhibit calligraphy at the four libraries above.  We hope we inspired visitors with our work and the very enjoyable art of calligraphy.  It's hoped that our Annual Exhibition items in the future will tour other Council areas

2015 Annual Exhibition - The Art of Calligraphy

Our Annual Exhibition of members' calligraphy was held on the 5th floor of the Mitchell Library during 11 to 23 May 2015.   Exhibits covered a diversity of ideas, skills, experience, words and art materials and aptly showed the beautiful art of calligraphy. 

Thanks to our members for contributing their work and also to staff at the Mitchell Library/Glasgow City Council for allowing us to have another successful exhibition at the library.  Clicking  on each of the following images will show a larger picture of the work

Your Imagination - John Anderson

Calligraphy Pen - John Anderson

If You Were To Be Wise - Dorothea Fair

May The Love of God - Dorothea Fair
Marmion - Dorothea Fair

Reflection - Dorothea Fair

Shining Virtue - Dorothea Fair

Words of Life - Dorothea Fair

Phone Home - Dorothea Fair
A Case of Identity - Ted Gardner

As God's Chosen Ones - Ted Gardner
Letters - Ted Gardner

Behold We Go Up To Jerusalem - Ted Gardner

Yume/Dream - Ted Gardner

Calligraphy Tree - Evelyn Litster

Time - Evelyn Litster

Every Man Has A Purpose - Evelyn Litster

Daffodils - Douglas McEwen

I Remember - Douglas McEwen

Rosy Fingered Dawn - Douglas McEwen

Casablanca - Douglas McEwen

Spring - Douglas McEwen

Let Us Begin - Raymond O'Donnell

Remembrance - Raymond O'Donnell

Spring Flower - Sheila Robertson

Calm Sea - Sheila Robertson

Waves - Sheila Robertson
Autumn Equinox Song - Sheila Robertson

Images of exhibits were photographed by our resident photographer - Raymond O'Donnell.  We hope you enjoyed viewing our calligraphy work